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What is AIGA Iowa Design Month all about?

Join AIGA Iowa this October as we celebrate our fifth annual Design Month. From re-purposing items into unique artwork to presentations by a font designer and two guys not afraid of cussing, there is at least one event that appeals to everyone.

AIGA Iowa Design Month was created to celebrate design's impact and value on today's society.

Download & print your own copy of the Design Month poster.


How can I get involved?

Invite your friends and colleagues to events. Or volunteer to help with an event. Planning on attending multiple events? Join AIGA and save on admission.


What if I don't live in Des Moines?

Why not carpool with a co-worker, or make a department field trip to one of our events? Members can also apply to organize a future event in their area.


What is AIGA Iowa?

AIGA Iowa is the local chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. Established in 1994, AIGA Iowa provides members with forums for meeting, performing public service, and presenting speakers and traveling programs of national importance to designers and the public.